Aligned in Moonlight

By: Alex Cherney


Region: Australia and Pacific

Site: Victoria - Australia

Date: 2016 Aug 26


Antares, Mars (brightest), and Saturn aligned under the emerging Milky Way in this moonlit midnight. From the photographer: "I drove to Pink Lake in Northern Victoria remembering that was a nice dark spot with a salt lake down from the main road so headlights are not a big issue. To my very unpleasant surprise the road rest stop next to the lake was "upgraded" and three 25m-tall sodium lights were installed. As the result the whole lake is now lit up and the lights illuminate the opposite bank (more than a km away). So I could only really photograph at twilight and under bright moon which luckily was an ideal time on this occasion. The lake is pink due to micro-algae and looks very pretty when the Sun or Moon is high up in the sky. It's a real pity about the new lights which ruined the natural beauty of the place at night." Alex Cherney,

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