Star Trails Over Agia Foteini

By: Anthony Ayiomamitis


Region: Europe

Site: Arcadia - Greece

Date: July 2016

From the photographer: "One of the most basic types of astrophotography and yet equally stunning is that involving star trails, particularly around the celestial poles or immediately due east or west. Star trail photos also provide direct evidence that our planet rotates and does so at a rate of 15 per hour. Furthermore, by studying the arc for a particular star, especially as far away from the pole as possible, one can indirectly estimate the length of the (total) exposure.
Here the star trails, during a complete summer night, are imaged from the archaeological grounds at Ancient Mantineia, two hours drive southwest of Athens, near Tripoli. Lying in a valley and surrounded by major mountains, the area is best known for the epic battle between Sparta and Athens in 418 BC. Appears here is Aghia Foteini church, designed by the architect Kostas Papatheodorou and finally completed in 1973. The design sought to combine elements from the time of Ancient Greece, the Byzantium as well as modern-day Greece." Anthony Ayiomamitis

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