Fairyland Trail under the Milky Way

By: Wally Pacholka


Region: Americas

Site: Bryce Canyon - USA

Date: May 2013

A starry night of Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, United States. The rising Milky Way arch appears over strange-looking rock formations called hoodoos. Towers of weathered, eroded sedimentary rock, hoodoos are found in arid regions of planet Earth and are particularly abundant in the southern Utah. Bright star Antares at the heart of the celestial scorpion (Scorpius) is on the right, Altair, marking the neck of Aquila (the Eagle) is in the middle, Vega (the brightest corner of the Summer Triangle) is at top and Deneb, the tail of Cygnus (the Swan) is on the left. Wally Pacholka,

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